Fat Cat

worlds fattest cat fat catMost of us - animal lovers in particular - are familiar with the term "fat cat". We have seen pictures of cats 25 or 30 pounds and laughed at how their bellies when they graze the ground (or perhaps is "waddle" more appropriate) on foot. These cats can be a source of entertainment for us, but what is a "fat cat" really?

To get to the point: This means a significant increase in the risk of many health problems for your cat. Cats are overweight or obese are at higher risk for diabetes, arthritis, breathing problems, skin diseases, heart and liver diseases. Overweight cats also have shorter life expectancy than cats who are a healthy weight. It works the same for our pets as it does for us - too much weight is equal risks of health problems!

It is not surprising, many cats are overweight because they are lazy. They like to eat, but they do not like moving too much. While some cats are very active and playful, many - not - fat cat in particular, they prefer to nap in the sun, than to run around (and really, not a nap in his wonderful sun?) . Often they are eating too much, or they are high in calories, high fat fed either diet. According to veterinarians, the average cat should not consume more than 300 calories per day. Some cat food is so fat that you actually see and feel the oil on them, try to compare it with high quality, low-calorie diet ... You can look at the size of the difference is it really a surprise!

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Fat Guy

Funny people pics fat guyIf you have problems with weight gain and build muscle mass, no matter how much you eat? Do you think you are being treated while he was still "skinny" frame, you have a little pot belly and love?

If you answered yes, then you are probably suffering under the so-called "fat skinny fat guy syndrome" (uh, this is not a medical term by the way;)) known. The solution to this problem is to small changes in lifestyle and diet, while a thin guy workout fat.

Below I will show you the best exercises for skinny fat guy in your workout will help you increase your muscle mass, lose belly and get rock hard abs. But first, a little note on nutrition and diet.

Most problems arise skinny fat guy of poor nutrition as well as the lack of proper exercise. Junk food, alcohol, irregular meal times, and sleep disorders can lead to save your body of unwanted fat deposits, even if your current high rates of metabolism.

In order to gain muscle mass, increase your daily caloric intake, but make sure it is from natural sources of healthy, non-waste results. Lean meat, fish, eggs, pasta, legumes, nuts and vegetables are many types of foods you should eat. Separated into six meals a day instead of three usually make sure that your metabolic rate remains constant.

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Skin Cancer

Skin CancerSkin cancer is the most common form of cancer in humans, and it affects millions of people worldwide every year. This cancer is caused by excessive exposure to sunlight, radiation, carcinogens, and aging. There are three types: basal cell carcinoma, melanoma and squamous cell carcinoma. All three pose a serious risk to health, but melanoma is the most dangerous. Skin cancer is relatively easy to detect because it comes in the form of a skin discoloration and abnormally shaped or colored mole, and to discover the cancer victims most of their skin condition on their own head while examining their skin (but an external diagnosis by a physician).

As many people are desperate to get their golden brown tan year after year, skin cancer is a major threat to public health, since most people are not ready, the link between sunlight and UV UV and the development of skin cancer seriously-tan is trendy, and people do not feel like aesthetic of the curve. However, an avid swimmer is not automatically lead to skin cancer, and it is not the only cause. Skin cancer can be caused by harmful free radicals and carcinogens inevitable effects of aging. However, the best way to hedge against the sun or use sunscreen only when strong sunlight. Keep in mind that the ozone layer down is always dangerous refueling of UV rays on the beach is.

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Cancer Tattoos

Cancer TattoosCancer tattoos are great tattoo designs in your chest when you are between June 22 and July 22 will be born. Your horoscope look like a crab when you were born between those dates. But tattoos are permanent body art, it may be useful to have a few tattoos and what cancer means the astrological sign, before you understand it in ink.

Crabs live in nutrient-rich oceans, where tides rise and fall twice a day. This change in the field and temperature causes crabs to develop a hard outer shell for protection. This is a unique feature of cancer. Cancer, the hard outer shell of his house as his guardian and keep their feelings quietly behind your own walls. But cancer is not totally unsociable, there is a time for socializing and a time to be alone, and this is part of the apparent contradiction in their nature. So while the idea of ​​a tattoo on breast cancer is welcome, it may also suggest that you have a wall in front of you.

Crabs have two large claws, which they hold too tightly to things that mean, especially of the past. So it is very likely for them to hold a grudge. Cancer people are very loyal and have a hard time letting go. But cancer can bring, they like the security of the outer, while you are feeding them. Cancer love is protective, but can sometimes be overwhelming. Cancer tattoos on your breasts are beautiful, but be careful with their claws, so pinch your love and hard to keep.

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Cancer Ribbon

Cancer RibbonCancer ribbon have a special meaning and are rich in symbolism.

Most of us are familiar with cancer and the devastation that can result in a family and a life. It is one of the most devastating of all diseases we deprive families and friends at an alarming rate. Various causes have been found. How, literally, for their leaves on the trees, but so far no cure has been found, although the treatment has made ​​progress in many different areas. We still support a cure as quickly as we can reach you, and many of us take to help the band to help draw attention to the cause we do.

The pink ribbon is not the only one for those who want to show their solidarity and support for a cure. The pink ribbon is most often breast cancer in particular.

The figure below is an example of Cancer Ribbon

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