Fat Guy

Funny people pics fat guyIf you have problems with weight gain and build muscle mass, no matter how much you eat? Do you think you are being treated while he was still "skinny" frame, you have a little pot belly and love?

If you answered yes, then you are probably suffering under the so-called "fat skinny fat guy syndrome" (uh, this is not a medical term by the way;)) known. The solution to this problem is to small changes in lifestyle and diet, while a thin guy workout fat.

Below I will show you the best exercises for skinny fat guy in your workout will help you increase your muscle mass, lose belly and get rock hard abs. But first, a little note on nutrition and diet.

Most problems arise skinny fat guy of poor nutrition as well as the lack of proper exercise. Junk food, alcohol, irregular meal times, and sleep disorders can lead to save your body of unwanted fat deposits, even if your current high rates of metabolism.

In order to gain muscle mass, increase your daily caloric intake, but make sure it is from natural sources of healthy, non-waste results. Lean meat, fish, eggs, pasta, legumes, nuts and vegetables are many types of foods you should eat. Separated into six meals a day instead of three usually make sure that your metabolic rate remains constant.

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