Girl Smoking

Girl SmokingIt is now common to see young women and girl smoking cigarettes, but it was not always the case. Cigarettes have been around for almost two hundred years, but for the first hundred years it was considered unladylike to smoke and scandalous for a woman. At that time, it was extremely rare to see girl smoking cigarettes. Even if the cigarette was invented in 1832, and the first cigarette factory manufacturing in America opened in the mid-19th century century, to say that women were frowned upon to smoke in these early years, it is very soft .

A few years later, however, in 1927, women finally began smoking in large numbers. Much of this growth is directly attributable to a company, Lucky Strike, the slogan "the scope of a happy, instead of a sweet," was his main advertising campaign which was targeted at women. From there, the practice, the post is gone, and especially films helped the girls to consider the use of cigarettes more acceptable.

Fortunately, these days, there's already a backlash against the cigarette, and you will see fewer and fewer young women and girl smoking cigarettes. It's great to see that change is happening, but how many lives were saved during the last 100 years, if she had stuck the "ladylike" stigma?

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