Smoking Weed

quit smoking weed psychosisFor weed, reefer, ganja, pot, call it what you want, when many people try marijuana at some point in their lives and it may well do a bit of fun, there is no denying that for some people, smoking weed can be just that: a habit. And that which can be very difficult to pry off.

If you want to learn themselves to stop smoking weed or seek help for a friend or loved one, should have the following information in this article gives you some good advice. People make the mistake of thinking that his is addicted to smoking weed, the same as an ordinary cigarette addiction. It does not work. Unlike tobacco, there are no chemicals in marijuana that causes a "physical" dependence on the substance, but it is the feeling that you have the feeling of smoking weed, which is "psychologically" addicting . While this does not necessarily make it easier for someone to quit smoking (and sometimes it can be even harder), it is important to know the difference. People do not seek marijuana because they "need", they long for, "" because they do.

If this is the case, it is more a psychological problem and a solution should be this angle is discussed. Here, we take a look to certain ways to change your thinking, if you want, and so reduce gradually the urge to smoke weed. Of course, the person is "addicted" is to eliminate must be prepared to take action. If you read this, in order to help get rid of their habit of marijuana to someone else, you'll probably first, intervene in person to confront them about their problem and, finally, try to convince them to make a change.

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