Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom TeethWisdom teeth are the last set of molars to grow in the human mouth. Generally, individuals experience their growth towards the end of their teenage years. As is the case can be generally recommended dentists extraction of wisdom teeth, or to prevent or correct complications of infection.

If you pressure or pain in the back of your departure mouth feel, you can get your wisdom teeth. This rule, when people are between 16 and 30 are entirely under the control of development in the mid-twenties. Teeth "wisdom" The name comes from the belief that it was the age of wisdom, usually at the age of 22, hence the term.

Due to the fact that most of the jaws are not large enough to accommodate the addition of these teeth, there is often pressure or pain connected with the new teeth. Sometimes the teeth remain below the surface of the rubber and come back often just another dip below the gumline. Each time the tooth appears again, it can often be a toothache, gums and tenderness of pressure on the jaw and teeth of other headaches.

Posed in the case of wisdom teeth that are not fully developed or tried the method of teeth, the gum surface that break the other teeth are misaligned. Pressure of growing teeth can push against the adjacent teeth and cause crooked teeth and jaw pain. Throat, ear pain and headaches can occur as a result of the increasing pressure of the process. The teeth and jaw misalignment can also occur through the teeth pressing on the other molars.

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  1. who the hell edits these blogs. "If you pressure or pain in the back of your departure mouth feel, you can get your wisdom teeth. " ........ WHAT????

  2. Wisdom tooth is really hurt specially when its blooming inside our mouth,well thank for the info about it,i remember some dental issue in Helsinki Finland and i am glad that in using tooth paste its removed. wisdom tooth removal



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